Thursday, 14 November 2013

Fashion and Film...

Fashion and film are two of my favourite things, and I may well have attended more fashion shows in my life than I have had hot dinners; plus, with a husband who was a professional cameraman for many years, I have also seen an awful lot of films, videos, commercials, etc. So it was great fun to attend an evening filled with both, here in Kelowna.  The event was called 'The Final Cut' and was a joint presentation from the graduating film and fashion departments at CATO - The Centre for Arts and Technology here in town.

Yes.  You heard that right.  You can actually study film and fashion (and interior design, photography, animation, recording arts and a whole lot more) right here in the Okanagan. CATO is an arts college that offers accelerated programmes focused on the training and skills aspects of the creative industries, with the focus on educating individuals about the skills needed to go out and get work in their chosen industry. I think this is a fantastic opportunity for local creative people, of all ages.

Think about it.  What if you really want a creative career, but can't afford (either financially or the time investment) to commit to a three or four year university course? What if you are not sure enough about your interest and ability to move your life to a big city centre like Toronto, New York or LA? What if your grades at high school preclude you from some of the ultra-competitive, oversubscribed university courses on the same subjects? ('Note: Cause let's face it - creative people do not always do particularly well in traditional high school subjects.) These are real problems for a lot of people who still have a lot to offer the creative industries, and could be successful in them if given the opportunity.

Being able to dip your toe into these areas in a local setting is fantastic, and everything I have seen of the college (and in the interest of disclosure, I have been teaching a course or two for them over the last term, which puts me in a good position to observe) evidences hardworking professionals committed to transferring their industry knowledge to a new vanguard of creatives. Bravo, I say.

Centre for Arts and Technology
1632 Dickson Ave #100, Kelowna, BC V1Y 7T2(250) 860-2787