Friday, 28 March 2014

Style(ish) Matters....

Jutta Anderson could quite possibly be the most stylish woman in Kelowna.  If you have ever ventured into Justin Paul Fashions on Ellis Street, you will know what I mean.  As manager of this lovely women's wear store, Jutta is the perfect  advertisement for the product.  She consistently looks like she has just stepped out of the offices of French Vogue, where she would no doubt be a senior fashion editor or some such, chic to within an inch of her life.

Originally from Jamsa, a small town in Central Finland, Jutta arrived in Kelowna a year ago, having spent the previous 15 years in Vancouver, which she still loves. She was kind enough to answer some questions for us on all things stylish - and Okanagan...

TGNL: What initially attracted you to the Kelowna area?
JA: The same old story...a man! Also I love the lake and the mountains, Finland is a lake country so it feels like home. And, of course, the amazing local summers can't be dismissed.

TGNL: How would you define your own sense of style?
JA: Definitely classic, but occasionally the inner 'rocker chick" wants to come out and play.

TGNL: How did you become so stylish?
JA: As a young girl I remember watching this black and white French movie and I saw this very elegant lady applying red ( I assume it was red...) lipstick. That moment I knew, that I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. It was like an epiphany.

TGNL: Who are your style icons?
JA: To name one, I would have to go with the creator of the LBD, Coco Chanel. She totally took ladies fashion to a new direction, not the easiest task at the time, but she stayed true to her vision.

TGNL: What do you think makes a woman stylish?
JA:  Confidence!

TGNL: What would be your biggest style tip/tips?
JA: Always dress for your own body type and personality. Don't follow the trends too literally, pick pieces that suit you and your lifestyle the best, if unsure ask for advice. Create your own style and have fun with it. 
"Fashion changes, style endures" - Coco Chanel

TGNL: What is the one fashion faux pas that you really can't stand?
JA: Ladies, yoga pants are only for exercising!!!

TGNL: What are some of the big looks coming in to Justin Paul for Spring?
JA: A printed baseball jacket is definitely one of the novelties this season, combining two different trends (print and the sporty look), a pop-art t-shirt is an other great way to update your look this spring and for the minimalists there is the classic black and white look.

TGNL: What is the one thing that every woman should invest in for the coming season to update her wardrobe for SS14.
JA: So hard to pick just one...but my personal choice would be a structured top handle bag in a bright color (red, yellow or kelly green)

TGNL: What is your favourite thing to do in the Okanagan?
JA: My dermatologist wouldn't like my answer...sunbathing! All those rainy years in Vancouver...

Justin Paul Fashions: 1296 Ellis Street, Kelowna. 250 860 3666.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

A Donut By Another Name...


One of the things I love about travelling, is discovering local 'foody' delicacies; the things which once eaten forever anchor you to that particular place.

Case in point.  New York. One of the first things I like to do when in the Big Apple is treat myself to a giant salted pretzel off a corner cart, and eat it while walking down Fifth Ave.  Paris, to me, is all about a glass of 'vin blanc' at a sidewalk cafe or a glass of bubbly at the Champagne Bar at Galleries Lafayette. San Diego is all about authentic beef and bean burritos at a 'hole in the wall' drive in restaurant. Scotland, scarily enough, is all about the quest for a deep-fried Mars Bar. (Yes, there is a reason I am frequently 20lbs above my fighting weight!)

So when I saw the above sign outside Specialty Bakery on Hollywood Road, I knew I had to give one a try. Result? Oh. My. God. 'Kelownuts'. Yum.

A 'Kelownut' is a cross between a croissant and a donut, filled with a yummy Bavarian creme filling and covered in a lovely glazed coating. And... it is every bit as delicious as the description would have you believe. Today I contented myself with one (this donut hybrid is substantially more filling than the regular kind) but next time I'm in the neighbourhood I think I'll be picking up a half- dozen or so... to share, of course.

Specialty Bakery: #16 - 150 Hollywood Road South, Kelowna; 250 762 4437.
(PS: There is also a larger branch with a bistro at #101 - 833 Finn's Road, Kelowna; 250 765 5822.)