Tuesday, 19 March 2013

D is for Doggie Park...

One of my fondest memories of visiting NYC is waking up the morning after arrival at about 6am, with no hope what-so-ever of getting back to sleep.  Dragging my jet-lagged body out of bed, I hit the local Starbucks for a take-away Grande Latte to take to Central Park.  It was a gorgeous spring morning, the sun just coming up golden, and patches of mist still clinging to the low spots.  In my wandering, I came across a little bit of New York magic - the local doggy park, where even at this early hour folks were gathered with coffee and pooches, all having a great old time.

Yup.  I love doggy parks, and think they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.  The chance for urban pooches to get to run around off lead is something really special.  Kelowna is no slouch in this area, and I love taking our dog, Muddy, down to the big off-leash dog park in Mission Recreation Park for his daily constitutional.  It is a wonderfully huge space, and very green, with a smaller fenced area for smaller dogs right next door, which is greater for keeping the little pooches from been trampled by the larger ones.

There are picnic benches and lawn chairs for 'parents' to sit and chat while their furry charges exercise, and like all good gym facilities there is also a water fountain and water bowls for them to re-hydrate.  But the thing I love best is the fact there are always some extra poop bags handing at various stations on the fence, just in case you forget your own - or god forbid - run out. Now that's what I call  thoughtful.

The park is also a great spot for a little matchmaking, but maybe not the kind you think.  Muddy our whoodle now has a lovely girlfriend - a red-haired labradoodle named Daisy. While there won't be any  kids on the agenda, they are definitely one cute couple.  Arf.

Mission - N. Mission/Crawford Dog Park: 3975 Gordon Drive, Kelowna. Gordon Drive at Lexington Drive.

Image sourced pandosyvet.com.