Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Thoroughly Modern Me

I love contemporary design, so one of my big fears when moving to Kelowna and buying a house was how I was going to furnish it? No offense to that old Canadian standby, but The Brick was just not going to cut it.  Imagine my delight when I discovered a number of furniture stores catering to more the ‘Metropolitan Homes’ readers than ‘Traditional Home’ ones.
One of my current favourites is DK Modern Furniture on Banks Road. They have great furniture and accessories for the home and they have a great combination of price ranges - pricier lines that are pure investment pieces, along with less expensive versions for those who want the look but don’t have the budget.  For instance, if you fancy a classic Barcelona chair, and you have the money to buy quality, you can get the real deal. But if you don’t, they also have a less expensive version. I love that fact that they realise that great taste and unlimited budgets do not necessarily go hand in hand. I was also especially impressed by Canadian line EQ3, who offer great design at affordable prices. Their ‘Burrows’ dresser with its textural, three dimensional wood front is like functional sculpture for the bedroom.
Great taste also does not equal unlimited space - even in Canada.  So the other thing that impressed me about DK Modern Furniture is that they had furniture to fit a number of different scale houses or condos.  After falling in love with several sofas at other stores, which we then realised we would not be able to fit in our living room and still be able to move, finding things in smaller dimensions was a revelation.
We ended up investing in a gorgeous, sleek black Italian leather sofa from Italsofa, and I only wish we had had the budget left for the Mobital ‘Sensui’ bed, a low platform bed with a large padded head board and side bar, which create the perfect space for your pets to bed down with you and is so much more stylish than assorted wicker baskets.
You also don’t fully appreciate the concept of ‘no commission’ sales staff until you have been accosted in other stores.  I have a drawer full of business cards that were thrust into my hands the minute I walked through the door by eager-beaver, very-nice-but-slightly-desperate sales people, so it was such a pleasure to have a real human chat with someone about furniture that didn’t leave me feeling obligated forevermore.
And… thank you soooooo much to Justin and Denis for organising to get our sofa delivered the same afternoon when they found out we were about to spend another weekend sitting on the floor. Another big thanks to their regular clients, who agreed to have their delivery bumped by a day to make it possible. You definitely would not get that happening in London.

DK Modern Furniture: 310 Banks Road, Kelowna, BC V1X 6Y4
Tel: 250 861 8637

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