Saturday, 3 May 2014

European Style in the Okanagan Valley...

Nussbag. You saw it here first.

Okay, well, second... as I have just featured gorgeous Austrian accessories company Nussbag in a fashion shoot for the Spring Issue of Icon Okanagan.

Nussbags are the creation of Austrian designer Florian Nussbaumer, who imagines, designs and creates these one of a kind designer bags, belts and cell phone accessories by hand. Each piece is handcrafted using only natural wood and veneer products from the sustainable timber industry and a high quality leather lining.

To quote the website:-  "European craftsmanship and lots of creativity turn these high quality materials into beautiful designer pieces. The goal of each piece produced is to achieve maximum style with maximum quality". The result is practical objects d'art which would look as good hanging on your wall as they do hauling all your bits and pieces around town.

The company is new to the Okanagan and has been brought in by Vernon entrepreneur Simone Kashuba - thank you Simone! Handbags range in price from $175 to $475 (for a large briefcase). 

I, personally, am now the proud owner of the 'Classic Light Macassar' (pictured above). I wore it out to a private view earlier this week, and it looked as lovely on my arm as the art on the wall.  The result was a flurry of compliments and questions about where it was from - fashion result!

You can find out where to get a Nussbag at


PS the gorgeous fashion shot above is by Kelowna photographer Caitlyn Chapman - but that is a whole other blog entry! (See Spring Forward, April 10, 2014).