Friday, 18 July 2014

How I (Sometimes) Spend my Saturday Afternoons…

If there one thing I have learned in my professional life, it's that photo shoots never quite follow the nine-to-five routine.  Try as you might to steer them in a particular direction, they seem to have a mind of their own, and that mind frequently runs to having themselves happening on weekends, or running to 3:00 am. (Which is OK, because the creative mind doesn’t really work its best 9 to 5 anyway.)

That’s how, one lovely sunny Saturday afternoon last month, I found myself at Downtown Marina with a crew (no pun intended) of fabulous fashion professionals (including photographer Caitlyn Chapman, above) shooting swimwear for the summer edition of ICON Okanagan, using quite possibly the most beautiful boat I have ever seen – a 1939 vintage teak Chris Craft. (Thanks Peter Middleton and Absolute Classics Marine!)

We had the loveliest selection of clothes and accessories too: swimwear from Celladora and Esteem Lingerie, sunglasses from Wink i Wear and vintage hats and bags from Georgie Girl. I seriously covet the Rash guard top and retro short bottoms we shot from Vitamin A, although I think I will have to hit the gym with a vengeance if they are ever to look a fraction as good on me as they did on our lovely DEJAVU model Holly.
Of course, in typical shoot fashion, the minute we were ready to go the wind whipped up to semi-hurricane proportions, making our makeshift changing tent of two beach towels and a sheet a little bit tricky for the model, and those who were holding it.  But we persevered and the results are really quite lovely, as you can see for yourself in the new edition of ICON – out now.

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