Saturday, 19 July 2014


One of the great things about living in London was being able to spend an afternoon snooping around its many fabulous (and famous) markets. One of my favourites was The Stables Market in Camden, which was chock full of the greatest antique and retro home furnishing and collectibles. I loved the fact that you could find the greatest deals on the greatest stuff, allowing you to fashionably kit out your flat without succumbing to exorbitant designer prices. Plus you were also guaranteed to find something completely original, rather than the same-old same-old cookie cutter merchandise.

ReMix Gallery and Warehouse, in West Kelowna, very much fits in with this ethos. It is chock-a-block full of interesting furniture from many decades, and includes some real treasures. In their own words: "At Remix we bring together a fun, curated, and interesting mix of furniture, accessories and art -- a mix that is dynamic and ever-changing… always mixing styles, eras and price-points. What unifies every item is the purpose and passion it was selected with, and the style and personality each item brings to a space.” 

My Sunday afternoon snoop turned up everything from the gorgeous leather sectional, pictured above, to the perfect 70's hanging basket chair,  to a LeCorbusier-style leather loveseat and chair combo, pictured below.  A current trawl on their facebook site today has also turned up a vintage Persian rug and a Norwalk ottamon/bench covered in ostrich leather, the latter which would look perfect in my front hall. 

The other thing I love about this place is how they display their finds.  Each room is a beautifully designed little vignette, so you feel more like you are mooching about in someone's beautifully designed home rather than a shop. If you are willing to do some work, there are also some great fixer-upper pieces to be had.  I picked up a cutest 50's-modern bookcase, which as soon as it is repainted - black, white or Schiaparelli pink, I haven't quite decided yet - is going to add the greatest eclectic touch to our spare bedroom.

Remix Warehouse Gallery:
2049 Louie Drive, West Kelowna
Tel: 778-754-3390
Open to the public Sundays from 11am to 4pm.
Open BY APPOINTMENT Mondays to Fridays
(Call 250-870-4280 to book your appointment).
Closed Saturdays.

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