Saturday, 17 August 2013

Release Your Inner Surfer Dog...

Oh, but I love finding cool new things, and when it's cool news things for my dog (read 'surrogate baby') I'm even happier. And... finding a cool new things for my dog in my neighborhood, well, SCORE.  I love my neighborhood (Lower Mission), not least for the fact it has some great little local shops.

One of my favorites is Green and Bear It which is one of those wonderfully eclectic local shops that is part gardening store, part gift shop, part home store and part clothing and accessories boutique. This may sound a bit schizophrenic in print, but believe me, in person it works.

But... back to the aforementioned cool thing for my dog.

Green and Bear It are carrying the coolest beaded dog collars, like, ever.  Made by a Vancouver-based company called FurryBeads, the collars feature wooden beads strung on to vinyl covered stainless steel cable with a nylon webbing and plastic click fastening. According to the company's website, FurryBeads are: 'waterproof, stink proof, stain proof (do not discolor your dog's hair), massages your dogs neck as they roll, do not break or matte your dog's hair, do not tangle in long haired dogs, do not rust in salt water, look good as they age/ weather, and also make "intimidating" breeds appear more friendly and  acceptable'.

The collars, $35, come in a variety of colour combinations, and in sizes small, medium and large. Muddy the Whoodle is currently rocking a teal, turquoise and grey combo that makes him look truly 'surfer dog'.