Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Boating Life For Me...

If you're gonna live in Kelowna, you better get a boat. Or so my husband thinks, and I can't say I disagree. So, we crunched our numbers and toddled along to Dockside Marine's July 'Customer Appreciation Day' to see what our limited budget might afford us.  The answer?  Something pretty damn good.

Thanks to Dale and Chris, two weeks later we were on the lake in our own (second hand, but in pristine condition) SeaRay feeling like true Kelwona-ites.  Or is that Kelwo-no-nians? Or maybe its Kelownans. (Answer on a postcard please!)

We couldn't have asked for more friendly and helpful service, all the way up to our 'on the water' induction (the boating version of the 'test drive') with the lovely Cap'n John.  Furthermore, there was a problem with our trailer on the way to the marina (the left wheel decided to low a ball bearing enroute) so Dockside organised weekend mooring for us at their Manteo Resort facility, took the trailer away, fixed the problem, then picked up the boat and delivered it to us Monday afternoon. Very impressive.

As for the boat, we love it, and being on the water is just amazing.  As one of the sea dogs in the marina said to us, 'Kelowna opens up in a whole new way when you have a boat'. Popping over for coffee also takes on a whole new meaning. Of course, like all new boaters, there are a few tricky bits - like launching and loading your boat.

Our local boat launch is the Eldorado, right beside the (normally heaving) patio, where patrons consider watching boat launchers making complete fools of themselves as part of the venue's entertainment.  I know this because my husband and I have been two of those cruel people pointing and giggling when it all goes horribly wrong for some hapless captain.  Now it's going to be us providing the chuckles.  Gulp.

Though... we may have found a way round this.  Want to watch our launching learning curve? Come down to the boat launch any morning at 6am. Yup. We are only launching when we know that NO ONE is going to be around. Now we just have to figure out how to get the boat back out of the water and onto the trailer under the cover of darkness.


PS: We are also busy discussing names for our boat.  The current favourite? 'Mywifeletmebuyit'.